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An S.O.S.: Calling Upon All Angels

Joy Matters*

*Passion & Compassion*

Seek out, seek in...always seeking, always on a journey to bridge the world within with the world around.

Knowing that so many are hurting and alone when there is no need.

If we could just pause long enough to turn the tide.

We are a force of nature because we are nature.

Even when the oil runs dry, the sun will still fuel us. All the panic takes us further away from our natural state, our connection to the creative force, and to the brilliant power of simply being alive. 

Enjoy the ocean if you can and work toward it.

I aim to use my time to add to the creative rather than destructive forces vying for the Earth's resources.

I have found over a million Earth angels on the same mission: to create sustainable beauty out of life.

Let this be a prelude and not the exception.

I honor the lights of this great city as a power point for change, as the center of art, and as a vine of near-ripe revolutionaries.

Artists, women, good people of the Earth rising: rise some more. 

*Revolution begins with personal evolution...

Bless & Be Blessed*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ARTENNAE: Tribal JOURneY...*

For immediate release – (Miami, FL 31 August 2009)
On the heels of a bright, shiny summer in Miami’s progressive Wynwood Art District, things are beginning to stir as the art fairs prep to make their Fall/Winter debut. Artists, gallerists, curators and reps are busily preparing for short and long-term exhibits that will all serve as the precursor to what will be a dynamic December for art in Miami.

On Saturday, September 12th from 7-10pm, Wynwood 2nd Saturday Art Walk will launch in full swing and artennae global art consulting proudly presents their premier, group art exhibition entitled “Tribal Journey” featuring Catherine Rogers, Fine Artist along with several other globally celebrated artists and creatives including de la Haba, Jackson Lynch, Troy Woods, Barron Claiborne, McKay Otto, Layla Love, Damani K. Diop & Artifacts by Majestic Lips.

Artennae global art consulting is an unconventional (consulting and marketing) tribe, formed specifically to elevate emerging artists from all over the world.

As a company, we have come together as a group of “creatives” from various walks of life, each with strengths designed to form a strong union, with the goal of highlighting the talented artists and their work outside of the typical gallery setting.

These are the times when circumstances imposed on us by destiny actually allow us to create new and innovative methods to share positive messages with our fellow man. So it’s natural and perfect that our first exhibit is a declaration of coming together in support of the arts, which will not be diminished during this “recession.”

The artists we’ve chosen in our inaugural show work in varied mediums, from painting on surfboards, sculpting with found objects, photography by world-renowned talent, and painting. Diversity is embedded in the art work, in the languages they speak, the cities where they reside and the cultures they embrace.

3 of our artists travel the globe as their art form, photographing people from many ethnicities and cultures, and seeing humanity from a “big world view”.

The inspiration for the show’s theme “Tribal Journey” came from a series of paintings that our featured artist, Catherine Rogers, created. Her bold and dramatic tribal-influenced work is a wonderful contradiction to the gentle nature of the soft-spoken lady from Key Largo who embraces yoga and a good glass of wine. Still waters run deep for this delicate, powerful flower - more passionate about painting than anything…and in her 60’s. Once again, coming together of talent from surprising sources.

There are many different tribes in today’s world….corporations, social networking, sports teams, small businesses, non-profit organizations, Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts, even political parties. We move in and out of various tribes every day of our lives, joining forces for a common cause. “Tribal Journey” is a timeless tale of clans or tribes who band together - moving in unison. artennae’s top picks for fall 2009 reads like an e.e. cummings’ homage to humanity’s renewed sense of honoring the ancient tradition of community.

“Tribal Journey” is a reflection on returning to the age of the human bond between those of “like mind” rather than focusing on the bonds of perceived outer appearance.

Please join us:

Saturday, 12 September 2009, 7-9pm

Wynwood Lofts Art Complex, 250 NW 23rd St., #203, Miami, FL 33127

info@artennae.com ● RSVP Appreciated ● Generously supported by REMY MARTIN

For artist information/intimate preview: 305-546-9889 or 305-576-4844

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Come join us...this is an invitation*

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