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An S.O.S.: Calling Upon All Angels

Joy Matters*

*Passion & Compassion*

Seek out, seek in...always seeking, always on a journey to bridge the world within with the world around.

Knowing that so many are hurting and alone when there is no need.

If we could just pause long enough to turn the tide.

We are a force of nature because we are nature.

Even when the oil runs dry, the sun will still fuel us. All the panic takes us further away from our natural state, our connection to the creative force, and to the brilliant power of simply being alive. 

Enjoy the ocean if you can and work toward it.

I aim to use my time to add to the creative rather than destructive forces vying for the Earth's resources.

I have found over a million Earth angels on the same mission: to create sustainable beauty out of life.

Let this be a prelude and not the exception.

I honor the lights of this great city as a power point for change, as the center of art, and as a vine of near-ripe revolutionaries.

Artists, women, good people of the Earth rising: rise some more. 

*Revolution begins with personal evolution...

Bless & Be Blessed*

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dancing at Cosom with Allyson and Alex Grey Vs, the emergancy room...

I have a deep respect and admiration for the work of Allyson and Alex in creating such an alive, dynamic art center where the creator is present in every inch of creation. The way that this couple has forged a working relationship between our spiritual and physical elements — giving us room to not only observe but to participate - is astounding. I have seen Alex's work all around the world. People become somewhat fanatical — setting up booths in London markets just to showcase these energy-based images, kids in Japan crying out that they have seen the first sign of God. When strangers are making statements like that you know curiosity must be satiated. Come join me at a full-moon party and let yourself reconnect with the ebb and flow that we are inescapably woven within. All the big city lights can't out flood the natural rhythm of eternity.

So last Friday was the members party in Chelsea and I was so excited to go. Instead, I found myself in an ambulance on the way to the hospital for a night of tubes, needles, and plenty of morphine. I should have been listening to Jodie Holland. I think I was in my head. Got some interesting pictures and a myriad of follow-ups, but really I just need natural healing. I need a break. I need company, I need back-up, yes, I need to be inspired. I am inspired everyday. I am an eternal optimist. I am looking to heal. If my body is a temple, I have been desecrating it. Transformation is more than possible; it is our birth-right. I no longer want to be dying from a lack of means. I have meaning aplenty. Ready to share. Ready to thrive in rebirth. Screaming out the rage, breathing in the fire. Pain makes pretty patterns in the end. I am like a forest that has been burned to ashes. Feeling the tragedy, I tear out rivers that soak the now fertile ground. Now I can open. Come play in my secret garden.

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