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An S.O.S.: Calling Upon All Angels

Joy Matters*

*Passion & Compassion*

Seek out, seek in...always seeking, always on a journey to bridge the world within with the world around.

Knowing that so many are hurting and alone when there is no need.

If we could just pause long enough to turn the tide.

We are a force of nature because we are nature.

Even when the oil runs dry, the sun will still fuel us. All the panic takes us further away from our natural state, our connection to the creative force, and to the brilliant power of simply being alive. 

Enjoy the ocean if you can and work toward it.

I aim to use my time to add to the creative rather than destructive forces vying for the Earth's resources.

I have found over a million Earth angels on the same mission: to create sustainable beauty out of life.

Let this be a prelude and not the exception.

I honor the lights of this great city as a power point for change, as the center of art, and as a vine of near-ripe revolutionaries.

Artists, women, good people of the Earth rising: rise some more. 

*Revolution begins with personal evolution...

Bless & Be Blessed*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King: There comes a time when silence is betrayal* pressed by the demands of inner truth...

Would you die for your country? Like this solider of peace, this warrior of universal truths.
Shot down by the trigger of fear.
I am not afraid to give my life for my country.
I live and will die hopefully for the promised land, and if not, I will die along the way with a loud speaker and a camera in my hand...on the path, exposing the truths of my life, holding big neon signs that say, "Over here, flow with me, the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked."

Join me on the path...I join my ancestors in a radical revolution against sexism, racism, and militarism.

I give all my love and respect to Dr. Martin Luther King, to his soul and to the possibility within us all. We will not be ideal political play things. Stand-up. Wake-up. United we stand, divided we fall. The truth has always been in the seed of this nation. It is time we grow into our declaration.

Do not remain silent. Do not remain violent. Do not get sucked so far into the rat race that your soul can no longer pause to cry.

Good people of the Earth rise some more.

Revolution begins with personal evolution.

A moral revolution: No more money to the military. We have a nation to heal, a world to relieve, to recapture the spirit of possibility and our loyalty needs to lay with unseen truths. Just because it has not happened thus far does not mean it won't. We have been waiting, growing thicker skin. I am in training. I love this country's ideals with the same passionate desire to see mass transformation, as was generated by Dr. King.

I bow down in honor and in awe...and I feel you. I cry every time I hear his words and I have listened to them more than a hundred times. I will never stop listening.

We must open our hearts, ears, minds, and actions. I call on every woman and man to take a stand on the the war upon us in this country...poor with paradigmatic, being pinned against each other. You will not be my enemy. I will be there. Where are all the women's voices? There is more to be heard. God willing, I will share these sentiments until I am old and gray.

Spiritual awakening, free at last, free at last, thank God and Goddess Almighty we are free at last.

*racism is a weapon of mass destruction.

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